The Disciple House is a program that we have been developing over the past several years.  It incorporates ideas from many other successful men’s group homes such as The Salvation Army, John 3:16, Oxford House and The Jesus House.  We have worked closely with one of the top city officials from one of America’s major inner cities for over 10 years now to perfect this project.

The general purpose of The Disciple House is two fold.  First, to present our clients with a 24 hour a day setting that can protect them from the environments that they have had the worst experiences in.  Giving them opportunity to be included in and in some instances mandating them to be included in, sleep hours, meal times, prayer times, Bible study, work hours, fellowship, church and personal skill building.  Engaging them in quality activities almost all day every day.

Secondly and most importantly, sharing the gospel truth and the light of the love of Christ with them in a hands on, day to day, meaningful way.  We anticipate being able to give them principals that will make them better citizens and hopefully Christians for the rest of their lives.  Thus giving them a better hope of eternal life than they would have had if we had not been a part of their lives.

We do these things not so much to make our clients better people and definitely not to make ourselves better Christians.  We do this because it is what our Master commanded us to do.  Any results are added benefits.

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