Jacob’s Ladder Meth

Jacob’s Ladder Meth is one of the greatest tools that God has given us. It is the second program we developed, and it is by far the most popular. It is a special meeting that allows local churches to incorporate all kinds of specialists. Jacob’s Ladder puts doctors, law enforcement agents, and ministers into one gallery that draws specifically on drug addicts and those that are in a personal relationship with drug addicts, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, children, best friends, etc.

This program allows the local pastor to become the pastor of the town’s drug addicts without them realizing it and without them trying to stop it. In all fairness, Jacob’s Ladder is a trick to get addicts to put up a guard against one thing while we slip in a different way. Eventually, the addicts and their family will invite the local minister, church member, or drug addiction specialist into their home.

We started “Jacob’s Ladder Meth” in the oddest of places. At the very top of the panhandle of Texas in a farm and oil boom community.  The results of how the program works and how it has helped us to develop it for other areas are priceless.

To God be the glory!

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Jacob’s Ladder Community

Jacob’s Ladder Community is a spin-off program of Jacob’s Ladder Meth.  It is the exact same template as Meth, but with Community, we have an unlimited subject matter.  Instead of limiting the topic of the meetings and what the specialists can specialize in, we leave it open-ended.

Jacob’s Ladder Meth focuses on drug problems in the community every month, but Community focuses on a topic deemed appropriate at the time.  A schedule can be set up and topics can be dealt with monthly, quarterly or randomly.  If the group is in the middle of a series, and something important to the community breaks out, then the scheduled topic can be placed on hold and the new topic is taken up while it is relevant and needful.

For example: let us say that Jacob’s Ladder Community is meeting every month at the local Holiness church under the direction of the local youth pastor.  It meets every month and discusses peer pressure.  A week before the next meeting there is a spree of burglaries, rapes or gang beatings in the local youth community. The regular meeting on peer pressure is put on the shelf and the Pastor comes in and does two months in a row of meetings about whatever the problem is and how Christ is the solution for it.  Everybody in the community that is affected by the problem has an interest in the meetings.  After the situation is dealt with, the meetings about peer pressure resume.

This is merely an example but you get the picture.  Jacob’s Ladder Community is a way for a man of God to pastor a community and not just a congregation.

For more information on Jacob’s Ladder Community, contact us.