HMA homeless“HMA Homeless” is our original and longest running program.  It is a specially developed way of gathering the right group of people and getting them the best help possible.  Here at HMA, we believe that one of the ordained duties of the church is to provide for the welfare of those in our communities.  We feel that the breaking down of the church’s adherence to this is one of the primary causes of corrupt and financially unstable government.

We attempt to win souls to Christ by first meeting the physical needs of the most needy and gaining their trust and respect so that when we tell them about the Lord or have to correct them in some way, there is a better chance of them listening to us, as opposed to if we just showed up on the streets one day in our suits and started telling them that they are going to hell.

Our programs have weekly bus routes, and services on the streets, feed hot meals and other services depending on the resources and staffing ability of the affiliates. At our largest HMA Homeless Affiliates, multiple services a week are provided as well as meals, clothing, food to take home, help to get jobs, counseling, and rides.

For more information on HMA Homeless program, contact us.