HMA Children is very similar to HMA Homeless, but it is just geared specifically toward youth. This program is based partly on a program that has been running off and on for years in Toledo, Ohio.

Some of the main reasons why we specifically target youth in certain areas are because if we can get a groundswell of young people to change together in a specific area, then we actually get a positive peer pressure that occurs. Also in keeping with our idea to reach the “ultra poor”, this next generation will be the first generation in the history of the United States to not have it better than their parents when it comes to worldly gain. This being one of many factors as to why this generation will turn to drugs, alcohol, crime, and promiscuity even faster than ever before.

HMA Children has less to do with jobs, housing, etc. as it does with activities, keeping young minds busy, teaching tools to combat peer pressure and sometimes providing more of a family, role model type atmosphere than just corrective and instructive, although these, too, are obviously incorporated in.

We still believe that love, morality, correction and truth are far more powerful tools than either sin or indoctrination. They are provided with plenty of chances to join cults, even “Christian-type” cults and they are given lots of chances to sin in all kinds of ugly ways, but we are trying to provide them with a chance to live a free and productive life that they can enjoy and be proud of. This life is only found in Christ Jesus.

For more information on how you can get involved in HMA Children’s Ministry, contact us.