The Davis FamilyGreetings in the Name of Christ,

For all of you who do not know us, we would like to take a few moments of your time to introduce ourselves to you.

We are a Christian family, striving to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ through our full-time ministry.

God has blessed us to recently release our fourth Gospel music album titled, “Steady Me”.

This newest album contains 10 Gospel songs written by us, as well as other local and well-known Christian artists. This CD is our first Nashville based recording project. We hope our music will be a blessing and encouragement to all who listen. If interested, please feel free to review this new album as well as our older albums online. The album names and release dates are listed below:

  • The Davis Family – “He’s My Friend” 2005
  • The Davis Family – “First Love” 2009
  • The Davis Family – Through Your Eyes” 2015
  • The Davis Family – “Steady Me” 2018

Our music can be digitally purchased and downloaded on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon.

Click on our email link below to purchase hard copies of CD’s.

Please continue to pray for us on this journey for Christ, that we will remain faithful and obedient to God while leading others to Christ, strengthening the weak, and encouraging the down-hearted. Thanks for your support. Feel free to contact us if you would like more information about our ministry.

As always, donations to the Davis Family Ministry can be sent by PayPal to:

[email protected]

Your Servants in Christ,

The Davis Family Ministries

(251) 593-8366