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Board Members
President – Kurt Beauford
Member – Benjamin Beauford
Member – Jeremy Brooks
Member – Jacob Frost
Member – Corey Rea
Member – Todd Sloggett

FAITH Works, Inc. is a work that we are very excited about.  It is a ministry that was formed by Pastor Kurt Beauford and several young men in his church.  The purpose of FAITH Works ministry is two-fold:

  1. We desire to generate funds to help feed and clothe children in the poorest and hardest hit areas of the world.  FAITH will partner with missionaries that are already on the ground in these ultra poor areas. We work with missionaries that have a proven track record of being Godly and responsible to their calling. This first phase will serve to give FAITH and it’s board members the reputation and presence that they need to begin phase 2.
  2. We desire to eventually build up the funding and contacts to be able to build and maintain orphanages in the areas where distribution has been able to continue.  Ultimately being able to empower this poorest of the poor next generation to learn and work their way out of their difficulties through education and a relationship with Jesus Christ, two things that many of them will never attain to without the efforts of you and FAITH Works Inc.

We, as Americans, often hope for the day when opportunity knocks, waiting for something big to come our way.  Recently, opportunity knocked at FaithWorks’ door.  We are presently supplying food for Haitian children in a Christian school.

Approximately 250 students (under Bro. Lloyd’s care) are fed lunch every school day as long as funds are available.  Our goal at FaithWorks is to provide the funds to continue to meet this need.  We have sent $1,500.00 and are preparing to send more.  We invite anyone to join us who would like to take advantage of this opportunity to help.

The attached pictures show the rice is cooked.  I know it seems like a meager meal, yet a large plate of rice means so much to a Haitian child.  When we have done it unto the least of these, Jesus said, “You have done it unto me.”

A few days ago, a mother who attends our church, brought me $25 and said that her young daughter had received the money for Christmas.  This 11 yr old wanted to give her money to help feed the Haitian children.  May God bless that little girl!  A few days later, another of her daughters did the same thing.  The scripture says, “A child shall lead them. . .”  Truly, many adults could follow their example.
May we never forget what true religion is:  Feeding the hungry, caring for the widows and fatherless, and clothing the naked.
I would like to say how much we appreciate Bro. David Lloyd and his family for their great work in Haiti.  We, of FaithWorks, are truly blessed to be a small part of this ministry.
Listen for a knock. It might be Jesus!

Bro. Kurt Beauford
(405) 343-1327